1. The orginal assembly code is written by Jakash3. Simply display a message using flat assembler. The code is as follwoing,


format PE console

entry main
include 'macro/import32.inc'


section '.data' data readable writeable

msg db "hello world!",0

p db "pause>nul",0


section '.code' code readable executable

main:push ebp

mov ebp,esp

sub ebp,4

mov dword [esp],msg

call [printf]

mov dword [esp],p

call [system]

mov dword [esp],0

call [exit]

section '.idata' import data readable

library msvcrt,'msvcrt.dll'

import msvcrt,\printf,'printf',\system,'system',\exit,'exit'


2. I used PEbrowser Professional Interactive to exam the loaded program

    and HxD Hex Editor to view the orginal image file.

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